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Table of contents:
This is a list of frequently asked questions, as well as their answers.
There are more questions in the help file that's included with the game, in the Help folder.
The questions here are more focused towards making the player understand what the game is about, whereas the questions on the help file are more focused on helping the player play.


Q: What are the minimal requirements? How can I know if my computer can play the game?
A: Well, the game shouldn't be too heavy. In terms of disk space, it's small. The songs can take a bit more space though. As for speed, the game is pretty customizable in terms of graphical details. As such, if you have a weaker computer, you can always use the console to disable certain heavy effects and have the game run faster, like the background distortions.

Q: Do I need administrator rights to play?
A: No. The game doesn't need to place anything in special folders or nothing like that. It doesn't even perform an installation.


Q: When will you release it?
A: When it's done. Sorry for the overused answer, but that's the real answer.

Q: Wasn't this game licensed with the GNU GPLv3.0?
A: It was, but I'm just a single programmer. I don't know much about licenses. I don't think there's any need to use such an advanced and rich license. All I ask is for the game to be completely free.

Q: Will the game be available on Linux?
A: It probably will. Allegro is available for several operative systems, so I doubt it'll be hard to create a Linux version.

Q: And will it be available on Mac?
A: Allegro also works on Mac, however, I won't bother much with a Mac port. But seeing as the game is open-source, anyone who sees that they can make a Mac port should do so; I'd deeply appreciate it.


Q: Why "PK"?
A: In Mother 3 and its prequels, "PK" stands for Psychokinesis. The characters' special attacks include PK Fire, PK Flash and PK Thunder. Additionally, there is a special attack that's exclusive to Ness (in EarthBound/MOTHER 2) and another that's exclusive to Lucas (in Mother 3). Players can name these attacks, which means that, in the games, the characters may use something like "PK Jazz" or "PK Wii". PK Rhythm's name is loosely based on the ability to name those attacks, as well as on the importance of Psychokinesis in the games.

Q: Why are some buttons so huge for the text they contain?
A: The game was made to look good in the default resolution, and to look minimally presentable on the Game Boy Advance's resolution. If you increase the resolution, menu buttons and frames that were just fine and cosy in smaller resolutions will look huge and loose. There isn't much of a point to play the game in a higher resolution than the default one, anyway. But if you still want to play it in a higher resolution, now you know why some buttons look bad.

Q: Can I help with a donation?
A: No. For three reasons. First, I don't need money (at least not now), and there are people that need money a lot more than I do. The second reason is really because I don't have an account on any paysite like PayPal. Thirdly, I can't make profit off of a fan-game, seeing as it uses content from a company, not created by me. Maybe the rules are a bit different when it comes to donations, but still. If you really want to help, just feel free to give feedback. Opinions, ideas and glitch lists are the best help I can get for this game at the time.

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