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If you read the home page, you should have a basic idea of what the game's about. Basically, PK Rhythm has you tap a key to the rhythm of a song. Although sometimes, some of the beats may skip, the tempo can change speed, or the beats may follow a certain pattern.


Mother 3 screenshot showing the combo system.
Something like this.
Being heavily based on Mother 3's combo system, the game generally has an image in the center of the screen. This is usually an enemy from Mother 3, but it can be anything, really. Then, when the key is first pressed, a small "smack" animation appears on the enemy, as if you "hit" it with the rhythm. If the key is pressed again in time with the next beat of the song, a combo will start. Another smack will appear, and two notes will be seen flying around the enemy. This indicates that you're in a combo. From there on out, you need to keep hitting the key with the song's beats and keep scoring points! If you miss a beat, the combo will end. When this happens, or every 16 hits, you'll be shown the number of hits and the score for the combo.

Points are scored based on accuracy. The closer you are to the beat when you hit the key, the more points you get for that beat. If you're too off-beat, the combo will end. Depending on the game mode, points will either be useless, or the key to your victory.

However, some songs like to be tricky and slam a tempo change when you least expect it. And I couldn't possibly let the player use trial and error to figure out where those changes are! Enter the heartbeat. In Mother 3, the player can make the enemy fall asleep. They will now be able to hear the background song's "heartbeat". This highlights the beats of the song, making it easier to understand where the beats are. I implemented this mechanic into PK Rhythm as well.


A lot of the game's content is customizable, specially the music. You may choose to play with any song you like. You need to download it first, however, along with its rhythm configuration. With PK Rhythm, I already include some songs and their associated rhythms, but the goal is to have players create more. One needs to pick a song, and write a rhythm for it. That is, tell the game what's the tempo, when it accelerates, when it skips some beats, etc.

To casual players, this isn't very nice: they just want to play, not make files! But there's nothing I can do, really. I can't just provide a ton of songs and their rhythm files with the game. I don't know if in the future, people will create dedicate sites to have downloadable music for this game (like with StepMania (I wish!)), but as for now, casual players can just use the songs that come with the game, and download random songs and rhythms that other people make. To those that want to add rhythms to their favorite songs, don't worry, it's not hard at all!


The goal of the game basically depends on the game mode. In the normal mode, you just hit the beats to your heart's content. Although, that's not enough action for some. And one of the goals I wanted with PK Rhythm was to expand the combo system's potential as much as I could.

Note: This section talks about material that is still in development. What is written here might be different from what's true in the final game.

The following modes are available:


I said it before, and I'll say it again: I wanted to expand on everything I could from the original idea by Mother 3. As such, I made the game have some really neat features:

PK Rhythm vs Mother 3

To those that played Mother 3, it might be interesting to know what are the differences and similarities between it and PK Rhythm. These lists are only about the most regular things. In other words, I won't mention that Mother 3 doesn't have a multiplayer feature and PK Rhythm does, because that's obvious.



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For more info, check out's pages on the game, or contact me.

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