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Welcome to the world of PK Rhythm! This game is all about rhythm. Songs have a rhythm behind them, and sometimes you even play with it without realizing it. Have you ever heard a song and tapped your foot to the beats? That's what Pk Rhythm is all about. You have a song, and you got to press the button according to the tempo of the music.

But it's not always that simple. Ever noticed that in some songs, the music gets calm and quiet for a second? Well... maybe there are no notes there, right? There are no instruments, no rhythm, no nothing. Which means that you're hitting the key in a regular tempo, and then you have to skip a beat or two. But that's easy. Some songs speed up all of a sudden, others skip beats everywhere, and others even have a looping pattern of beats (like the Queen's We Will Rock You, where the beats are the claps).

Now, you might be thinking: "Hey, isn't there already a game that has this? Some beats that skip... Some weird patterns... That's right! It's Mother 3!" Yep. PK Rhythm is heavily based on Mother 3's combo system.

You can find more info on how the game works in the about page.

Unlike other rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, PK Rhythm is about the song's rhythm, not the song's notes. Oh, and it's absolutely free and it's open source. You can download it right now by visiting the download page, or by using the box on the left.

Anyway, why not feast yourself with this teaser trailer?

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